Repentance gives wings

Let us think about our prayer. Not only do we pray carelessly, but we also do not pray at all times, although we face no fewer temptations than Mary of Egypt did. The desert of our lives is fraught with such temptations as perhaps even the ancient ascetics did not see. But they need to be overcome.

The ascetics who went ahead of us on the path of repentance, thereby gaining experience, can help us. The first who can help us is St. Mary of Egypt. When she prayed, St. Zosima saw how she was raised above the ground. Her repentance gave power to her prayer. Repentance gives wings with which to soar above the earth. It is only through repentance that we can free ourselves from sin – and we have an abyss of sin.

- A small excerpt from “St. Mary’s Standing” by Archpriest Dmitri Dutko

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