Thou art my sweetest Springtime…

Every generation
offers adoration
my Christ, at Thine entombment.

Thou art my sweetest Springtime,
My sweetest Son, I ask Thee,
“Where has Thy beauty faded?

- From the Lamentations of Holy Friday, third stasis

Moment’s from the ceremony of the Holy Fire Miracle that annually happens in Jerusalem!

Right now we are still waiting for the Holy Fire to appear from Jesus grave throught the prayers of the Patriarch. In a few hours the miracle will happen, and the light will travel with special flights to all over the Orthodox countries, and all over the world in order to receive it tonight at the Resurrection.

I can’t wait!!!!

And of course, this is yesterday’s Lamentatons in Greek…!!!

Behold, the Bridegroom cometh in the middle of the night, and blessed is the servant whom He shall find watching, but unworthy is he whom He shall find in slothfulness. Beware, therefore, O my soul, and be not overcome by sleep; lest thou be given over to death, and shut out from the kingdom. But return to soberness and cry aloud: Holy, Holy, Holy art Thou, O God; through the Theotokos, have mercy on us.

- Bridegroom Matins of Holy Monday

What Do the Palm Branches Signify?

… Therefore, the palms we bless today and hold in our hands are symbols of the victory of Christ against death, as well as a symbol of our own victory, with the power of Christ, against the passions of the old man, which is our existential death. We tried to spend Great Lent in repentance, prayer and asceticism with divine love and philanthropy. So we desire to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, as well as our own resurrection following the death of our passions. And indeed this is significant, for death is a great contemporary existential and social event, which creates intense existential, ontological and social problems.

- Excerpt from the article “What Do the Palm Branches Signify?” by Met. Hierotheos of Nafpaktos

By raising Lazarus from the dead before Thy Passion,Thou didst confirm the universal resurrection, 0 Christ God!Like the children with the palms of victory,we cry out to Thee, 0 Vanquisher of Death:Hosanna in the highest!Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord!
- Troparion of the Feast, sung on both Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday

By raising Lazarus from the dead before Thy Passion,
Thou didst confirm the universal resurrection, 0 Christ God!
Like the children with the palms of victory,
we cry out to Thee, 0 Vanquisher of Death:
Hosanna in the highest!
Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord!

- Troparion of the Feast, sung on both Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday

Prayer request

It may be tiring to ask it again and again, however, I really need many prayers right now because from tomorrow till the following week I have something really important to do. Please pray to God that everything will be just fine and He’ll be by myside all the time, whatever happens <3 Even one prayer means the world to me <3 God bless all of you!

In one week and 4 days, we’ll sing this at Church! I am so excited I can’t wait! <3 

"Every generation offers Thee it’s hymn of praise at Thy burial, O Christ…"

Prayers please!

If you could say a prayer for me right now, “Simply Orthodox”, it would be greatly appreciated. God knows both my name and what exactly I need, and I trust Him to help me and the whole world, with the intercessions of His Mother and the Saints. So, your prayer would be a great gift for me!

Thank you all so much <3

On Lust

The struggle with a spirit of lust is a fierce struggle, longer than others, a daily struggle, and only a small number of people come to total vic­tory. This struggle begins with the first ripe growth and does not finish until all the other passions have been mastered.

In this strug­gle, it is necessary to use two weapons. For the achievement of a perfect and pure chastity, bodily fasting is not enough (though it is of the utmost necessity). On top of that, compunction of soul and unremitting prayer against that most unclean spirit; then, constant study of the Scriptures together with prudent works, physical labour and hand-work. These things keep the heart from unchastity and bring it back to itself.

Above all, deep and true humility is needed, without which one will never attain victory over any passion. Vic­tory over this passion is a freeing for the perfect purifying of the heart, from which, according to the words of the Lord, flow forth poison and grave ills: ‘For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, … adulteries, fornications’ and so forth (Matt. 15:19).

- St. John Cassian (excerpt)

The Holy Spirit is love

The Holy Spirit is love. He gives the soul the strength to love enemies. Anyone, however, who does not love his enemies, does not know God

- Elder Siluan

He was the perfect example…


He was the perfect example of a great, strong and courageous heart that bore the injustice of the wicked and said, “Father forgive them.” This beautiful phrase has moved and moved the hearts of people throughout the generations. Thus, He transformed the Cross of shame to a Cross of glory and transformed pain and suffering to blessings and crowns.

- Pope Shenouda

True Orthodoxy

A touchstone of true Orthodoxy is the love for Christ’s Saints.

- Fr. Seraphim Rose (via James)

Which icon will you take with you at the procession?

I ask the same question every year when the Sunday of Oρthodoxy, so I couldn’t hesitate to ask it again :) Which icon will you bring with you tomorrow at the procession?

I chose an icon of St. Luke the Doctor of Crimea. And what about you? (You can either post your answer or photο reply)

Tomorrow is the Sunday of Orthodoxy!!!!

Tomorrow we will commemorate the Triumph of Orthodoxy and we’ll remember all the Orthodox Christians of the world that gave their life for Christ and in order the truths of the Holy Orthodox Church to be unchanged. So, we have to keep them all in our hearts, because without the Patriarchs, monks and nuns, priests, and laity that with the help of God gave their life for the protection of the faith we wouldn’t be who we are.

So, the message for tomorrow is one: keep the Holy Orthodox faith as a treasure and give everything you can in order to protect her from the various heresies and transfer it unchanged to the next generation, as our ancestors did. That’s what I want to do until my last breath, and I am glad that so many of you want to do the same! I am really proud of you all <3

Glory to God for everything! May God protect His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and all the pious Orthodox Christians!

Blessed Sunday of Orthodoxy!