Whenever we are in great pain…

Whenever we are in great pain, we should not forget the great honour that the Lord is doing us in letting us share in His crown of thorns.

- Mother Gabriel

It is not enough to give…

It is not enough to give. We must have a heart that gives. In order to give, we must have a compassion deep enough for our gift to be forgiven, because if we give dutifully, if we are charitable only in our actions, the recipient receives humiliation and sorrow and pain together with our gift.

- Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

Pain and Suffering

Why do men learn through pain and suffering, and not through pleasure and happiness? Very simply, because pleasure and happiness accustom one to satisfaction with the things given in this world, whereas pain and suffering drive one to seek a more profound happiness beyond the limitations of this world.

- Father Seraphim Rose (20th c.)

Pain of heart…

Pain of heart is the condition for spiritual growth and the manifestation of God’s power. Healings, etc., occur to those in desperation, hearts pained but still trusting and hoping in God’s help. This is when God acts. The absence of miracles today (almost) indicates lack of this pain of heart in man and even most Orthodox Christians—bound up with the ‘growing cold’ of hearts in the last times.

- Fr. Seraphim Rose

The ascent from the cross to Heaven –

Good God provides each person with a cross relevant to their strength; the idea is not suffering but the ascent from the cross to Heaven –because in reality the cross is a stairway to Heaven. If we realise what treasure we are saving from the pain of ordeals, we will not groan, but praise God bearing the small cross he gave us as a gift. Thus, we will enjoy this life and we will receive pension and “gratuity” in the other one. God has secured our reward in Heaven. If we ask to be relieved from an ordeal, then He gives the reward to someone else and we lose it. Whereas, if we are patient, He will gives us interest as well.

- Elder Paisios of Mt. Athos

On pain

Those who come close to people in pain naturally draw near to God, because God is always by the side of His children who are in pain.

- Elder Paisios of Mount Athos

On pain

The greater the pain that you feel, the more you should welcome the person whose reproof makes you feel it. For he is bringing about within you a total purification without which your intellect cannot attain the pure state of prayer.

- Ilias the Presbyter

For you…

So many people are suffering, and no one helps them. They are hurt, desperate, no one seems to understand what they have been through… Everything seems pointless, they can’t stand the pain anymore.

I could pretend that this doesn’t happen. I could just close my eyes, turn my back and say “I don’t care”.

But I do care. I understand. I wish I could do something, to help you all. To take away your pain. But I am just a human. Our Lord Jesus Christ can heal you. Just wisper His name… He’s here for you, to bring peace in your heart, to wipe your tears…

Always remember, Jesus is here for you:

This is the way we should see Christ. He is our friend, our brother; He is whatever is good and beautiful. He is everything. Yet, He is still a friend and He shouts it out, “You’re my friends, don’t you understand that? We’re brothers. I’m not… I don’t hold hell in my hands. I am not threatening you. I love you. I want you to enjoy life together with me.”

Don’t give up, gentle souls! You are unique, you are beautiful and you deserve to live. We all care about you, you are important to all of us. You can’t imagine how much we will pain if we lose you. You are beautiful inside and out and you deserve happiness. Suicide is not a solution. Whatever you need, we are all here. You are not alone.

May the Holy Trinity bless you all! You are all in my prayers!

Suffering is our teacher

Suffering is our teacher; We do not bring it on ourselves, but we courageously bear it, if we have to face it; as it is a source of much goodness.

- St. John Chrysostom

Patron Saints

A patron Saint is regarded as the intercessor and advocate in heaven of a nation, place, craft, activity, class, or person. Since the time of the early Christians up to the present, a vast number of patron saints have been recorded.

Now, I’ll mention some categories (You can find the full list HERE)

Against demons and witchcraft

Against drinking

For headaches

  • Holy New Martyr Demas of Smyrna (April 10)

To have a child

I’ve Been Insulted!

Jesus on the Cross

There are few things that can make a person angrier than being insulted and criticized. I know there’ve been times when I said something like, “He said what? Well, let me tell you a few things about him…” But when you read the lives of the saints, you realize that they didn’t let accusations upset them.

Here’s what St. Isaac the Syrian says:

The man who endures accusations against himself with humility has arrived at perfection. He is marveled at by the holy angels, for there is no other virtue so great and so hard to achieve.

So when you’re verbally attacked, follow the example of our Lord: He was silent when people said evil things against Him

The Christianity is…

Christ the Saviour

The Christianity is love, the Christianity is also pain. The Christianity is love resulted from pain. What is this strange commandment brought by Christ, but pain? What actually means, to love your neighbour? To buy him a hamburger? To give him some money? Sometimes this also. But if the pain of your neighbour cannot be relieved neither with a hamburger nor with money, if it is beyond your power? In fact, it seems to me that any trouble and any pain are beyond our power. Then the single thing that we can do for our neighbour is to grieve for his pain, for the pain of all the world, if it is possible. The archimandrite Sofronie Saharov, writing to an ill woman whose eight year old son died, tells this story. “Once I was together with the St. Siluan and we were looking near our cell from the Saint Mountain at a small boat caught in the tempest. The panicky people had to choose whether to remain in the boat and wait until the end of the tempest or to come with the boat to the shore. Both variants were equally dangerous. Then one of the monks sighed and said “Ah, how I grieve for them”. Then St. Siluan said him “If you have grieved for them, it means they are saved”. Truly, all those people reached the shore. “I also believe”, the blessed Sofronie continued his letter, “that the pain in which you are, will be healed, because I grieve for you”.