Prayers please…

Please pray for me right now, that everything will be fine! I know God has a plan about everything but please pray that I’ll trust Him and He’ll help me… Please send to me and to the people involved (God knows the situation) as many prayers as you can… Especially ask for the intercessions of St. Seraphim of Sarov, Saint Xenia of Russia and Saint Matrona the Blind.

Thank you <3 <3

Prayer requests

Though I don’t post all the prayer requests as I used to in the past, I am still praying for you all. God is always listening to you and He’s here to help you, so don’t worry about anything!

Please pray for the anonymous friend that wrote me about his/her auto-immune disease, about Justin, Christina, Rengitha and all the people that have contacted me in the past, from my very first moment on tumblr until today. I don’t remember you all, but God does…

God bless you all!

Prayer request

It may be tiring to ask it again and again, however, I really need many prayers right now because from tomorrow till the following week I have something really important to do. Please pray to God that everything will be just fine and He’ll be by myside all the time, whatever happens <3 Even one prayer means the world to me <3 God bless all of you!

Prayers please!

If you could say a prayer for me right now, “Simply Orthodox”, it would be greatly appreciated. God knows both my name and what exactly I need, and I trust Him to help me and the whole world, with the intercessions of His Mother and the Saints. So, your prayer would be a great gift for me!

Thank you all so much <3

Prayer request

Hello my dearest friends,

For another time, I am asking you to keep me in your prayers. I need to know God’s will for me, to understand how is better to act in a difficult and complicated situation. I need enlightment…

Thank you so much. God bless you all <3

Please pray for our brothers in the Philippines!

Let’s unite our prayers for our brothers and sisters from the Philippines that were victims of the Typhoon Haiyan, that devastated the country…

Your Orthodox brothers and sisters in Greece are praying for you all <3 God bless you!

I need prayers (again!)

This specific moment I would like to feel God’s hand around me, His help, His comfort and His support. Could you please say a small prayer for me?

Thank you! <3

A message from Anonymous
Could you please pray for me? Some may think my prayer request is silly but I really need your prayers guys. I am in love with someone that doesn't love me back and it's really painful, so painful that I can't describe it. Please pray for me that God will help me forget him or He'll open his eyes and make him realize my feelings for him. May God bless you all.

Hello dear friend,

I understand your pain, it’s something very common and not silly at all. There are not silly prayer requests.

We have feelings for other people, it’s natural and a part of our life. But sometimes they are unrequited. That’s why we have to focus to God: He’s the only one that loves us completely and can understand us. Well, this might be a test from God, so you have to face it with patience and prayer. And our Lord Jesus Christ will give you the answer you want, sooner or later. Just wait and pray.

Please guys, pray for this lovely person..! God bless you my dear! <3

Prayers for the weekend!

For another time, I would like to ask you to keep me in your prayers this weekend, especially on the Saturday. It’s a very stressful period for me, that me and some other people involved have to take important decisions for our future.

I don’t know many people in real life that are eager to pray for me, as you do, so I count on you! <3 God bless you all!

So let’s give him the best gift…!!!

Tomorrow, a person I wholeheartedly love will celebrate his 35th birthday. He’s someone that has helped me a lot in my life in many different ways. He’s a special person, an Orthodox Christian that spends all his time in order to promote and protect the Church. He’s a blessed man, who’s always smiling no matter the difficulties in his life. Everyone can see in his eyes his love for Christ, that he loves Him more than anything.

Propably tomorrow he’ll receive so many different and beautiful gifts and wishes, as everybody loves him.

But you can help me to give him the best gift: let’s send to him a huge amount of prayers: pray that he’ll have a happy and blessed life, he’ll always be safe and that the Lord will remember him in His Kingdom. Please help me to give him the most special gift: a huge wave of prayers. I am asking for your help <3<3 

So, Constantine, happy birthday! Have a blessed day and a blessed life, full of happiness, hope and love..!

I need prayers!

Tomorrow is an extremely important and special day for me, one of the most important of this last year. So please, everyone, keep me in your prayers tonight and tomorrow…!!! I hope everything will be fine, with God’s help and enlightment! Please pray for enlightment for me and the people involved!

Have a blessed weekend! <3

Prayer request

Please pray for Pani Eleanor… She has suffered from chronic migraines for most of her life. She has really been struggling with the pain lately. Her family is very worried and is trying to work with her doctor to make some lifestyle changes that will hopefully help her condition. However, she is still in need of prayers.

Prayer Request

A prayer request submitted by Katya

"Dearest brothers and sisters in Christ,

Please remember my dad in your prayers; Archpriest Michael Lewis, departed this life two years on the Feast of the Dormition of the Holy Theotokos. May his memory be eternal!

Thank you and may God continue to bless you always.

Your sister in Christ, katya.”

Prayer request

Today, I would like to ask you to pray about someone special, a friend of mine, as his birthday is coming closer (and what’s a better gift than sending a ton of prayers to him?). His name is Constantine. I had not the slightest idea of a recent event of his life that has definitelly hurt him, the fact that his father has sleped in Lord (Memory Eternal). Constantine is a person I really admire because of his deep faith. He dedicates all his time to serve the Orthodox Church in every single way. It’s something you don’t see everyday, it’s truly admirable.

Please pray that he’ll continue to smile as he always does, he’ll always have people around him who love him truly and deeply, he’ll continue spreading happiness and blessings to others and God will remember him in His Kingdom.

With the intercessions of the Most Holy Theotokos, Ss. Constantine and Helen, St. Constantine of Hydra, St. Luke the Doctor of Crimea, St. Archangel Michael and all the Saints, may God bless him and save him!

A message from goobpir8
hello! i am a Norwegian 17 year old Orthodox christian. and since Norway is mostly Atheist, i dont have any one who shares my beliefs. I obviousley have Jesus Christ my king and saviour, and i like to think about all my brothers and sisters in christ. i ask you, my sister in christ, to pray for me as the no one has ever done that before. and i promise i will pray for you. god bless you.

Hello my dearest friend,

I am so glad you sent me this message! I can imagine how difficult it is to be an Orthodox Christian in a country that the majority of people doesn’t share your beliefs. Always remember that this may be difficult, but it’s a special blessing. Keep Jesus Christ and the Orthodox Church close to your heart, and everything will be okay!

You may want to talk to other Orthodox Christians of the world here on tumblr, like James, Daniel, Adam, Vlad, Olga, heroinscarlet or Patrick (some of the best people I have met on tumblr!)

I’ll certainly pray for you! Have a joyful fasting period!! :)