Prayer is the breath of the heart

Prayer is the breath of the heart.
It is the mouth of heaven, of paradise.
It is the mouth of the angels.
When we pray, we are actually similar to the angels,
who are in a state of ceaseless prayer for God.
Therefore, we are told that prayer should be ceaseless.

- Archimandrite Seraphim Man - From the monastery St. Ana, Romania

On prayer

Prayers that are offered up to God remain behind closed doors if they do not contain love, for only love can open the doors for prayer.

- St. Ephraim the Syrian

Every day becomes Pentecost

No prayer is complete unless it includes a petition to the Holy Spirit that He come to dwell in us. Thus, through prayer every day becomes Pentecost.

- Fr. Anthony Coniaris

Even a little…

Should you pray, even a little, from the heart for salvation, you will be saved.

- Counsels of the Optina Elder Moses (Putilov)

Prayer request

These days (as well as the past few months) I am in great need of prayers, so if you could say a quick prayer for me again it could be so great. I really count in all of you, my family in Christ, for your prayers to our Lord.

Christ is Risen! God bless you!

How to decide a difficult matter

Do not try to decide a difficult matter by means of disputing, but that which is enjoined by the spiritual law, namely patience, prayer, and thoughtful hope.

- St. Mark the Ascetic

Prayer comes to someone who labors…


Prayer comes to someone who labors at it, but it will not come to anyone who does not work at it. We see that the Holy Fathers labored a great deal at prayer, and by these very labors kindled within themselves a prayerful spirit.

- Saint Theophan the Recluse

Just as I am

An Englishwoman found herself poised to reject both prayer and God because, burdened as she was by so much torment in asking the question “How can I discover prayer?”, she had received formulaic answers from others. Hearing that Fr. Sophrony had come to France, she sought him out and asked him the same question.

Fr. Sophrony replied to her, “With God there’s no need to play the politician. Turn to the Lord, who is in your heart, just as you are.” And she found such potent prayer, that as Fr Sophrony said of her, she would pray for hours together with her head touching the floor. That is no small thing for a Westerner. That lady was baptised Orthodox many years ago now.

- Told by Fr. Rafail Noica. Translation from Greek. Source.

Prayer is absolutely essential


It is absolutely scandalous to say “I don’t feel like praying.” Such a thing is an offense to God, a true blasphemy. That we pray must be absolute, unchanging rule inour lives. We must pray no matter what the cost because it really is a matter of life and death. We don’t decide to breath because of our good will, we don’t think about whether it’s  really necessary to breath, we never ask why. We know that is we stop breathing we will die. We must treat prayer with the same attitude, that it is absolutely essential to even staying alive and that there is no question that we need to do it at all times. We should say to ourselves “That’s how it is, period!”. We must stick to a rule of prayer and keep it at all costs.

- Elder Sergei of Vanves

It is vital to continue in prayer

It is vital to continue in prayer for as long as we can, so that his invincible strength may penetrate and enable us to resist every destructive influence. And with the increase of this strength in us comes the joy of hope in final victory.

- Archimandrite Sophrony

Memory Eternal!

My dear friend rpeeze informed me that Fr. Michael Rosco passed into eternal life this morning. Please continue to keep Pani Susan, Vlad, and the rest of the family in your prayers to give them strength during this trying time.

Thank you all for praying for Fr. Michael Rosco. Please continue keep him in your prayers, that God will rest his soul where there is no pain, nor sorrow, nor suffering, but life everlasting.

Memory Eternal Father Michael!

This is my God, Whom I will glorify

A Helper and a Protector has become salvation to me. This is my God, Whom I will glorify. God of my fathers I will exalt Him for in glory was He glorified. Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me.

- Canon of St. Andrew of Crete, excerpt

A message from Anonymous
Could I ask for Your prayers? I am becoming orthodox quite soo and I suffer a lot from fear for my girlfriend, all my relatives and friends who are non-orthodox non-active churchgoing lutherans. I ask for Your prayers that God would show me in His mercy the way to repentance. Thank You for the blog(s)!

Hello my dear! Christ is Risen!

I will pray for you, don’t worry. Just keep in mind that no matter how many difficulties you may find as an Orthodox Christian, it is totally worth it, I promise. It’s not going to be easy, others may reject you because of your Orthodoxy, they may even laugh at you or not accept you. Just keep your eyes focused in Jesus and His Cross, and everything will be just fine, He’ll help you with this difficult situation you face.

God bless you always! And don’t be sad or scared, because Christ is Risen! <3

Prayer is grace

Prayer is grace. God gives it when there exists zeal and humility… Let Christ not be missing from your heart.

- Elder Amphilochios of Patmos