"The world is against you…"

When faced with people saying to him, “The world is against you, Athanasius!” St. Athanasius replied, “Then I am against the world.”

On Happiness and Worldliness

How mistaken are those people who seek happiness outside of themselves, in foreign lands and journeys, in riches and glory, in great possessions and pleasures, in diversions and vain things, which have a bitter end! In the same thing to construct the tower of happiness outside of ourselves as it is to build a house in a place that is consistently shaken by earthquakes. Happiness is found within ourselves, and blessed is the man who has understood this. Happiness is a pure heart, for such a heart becomes the throne of God.

- St. Nektarios of Aegina

Men of the world…

Men of the world love the world because they have not yet discovered its bitterness. They are still blind in soul and do not see what is hiding behind this fleeting joy.

- Elder Joseph the Hesychast

Have God always on your mind

When you are alone with God, time passes incredibly quickly — more quickly than when you are with company… Yet while living in the world, you can still be united with God. How? By thinking of Him, whatever you may be doing, by glorifying Him for any good that comes your way, by thanking Him for any trial He may send you.

- Eldress Gavrilia

How to live in the world

Do all the good you can; do not speak evil of anyone; do not be arrogant toward anyone; do not hate anyone; do not be absent from the divine services; be compassionate to the needy; do not offend anyone; do not wreck another man’s domestic happiness, and be content with what your own wives can give you. If you behave in this way, you will not be far from the kingdom of Heaven.

- Saint John Climacus, “The Ladder of Divine Ascent”

BEIT LECHEM - The young monk

A young greek orthodox monk in the enterance of the church of the Nativity.

Elder Paisios said…

Pink shadows.

The world has lost control of itself. Honor and self-sacrifice have abandoned people. The taste of sacrificial joy is unknown to today’s people, and that’s why they’re so tortured. For only when you co-participate in the pain of another do miracles happen.

[…] Possibly we may meet not only with sudden death, but with other dangers. So let’s drive away the desire to arrange our lives comfortably! May love of honor and the spirit of self-sacrifice live in us.

A quote about God

Oh, God, you spend so much blue so that we cannot see you!

-Odysseas Elytis

…Maybe because, we could’n stand to see Your face…Maybe..

Please pray… Pretty please…

crying eye

I was searching tumblr and I suddenly discovered tags like self harm, suicide, cutting etc. I am shocked. These people need desperate someone to listen to them, to understand their problem and none is eager to listen. Most of them are around my age.

There is so much pain, so much sadness… I wish I could help somehow.

O Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on these people who suffer.. Protect them… Make them find something to live for… Help them please, you are our Father, please don’t let your children to suffer…

Anyone who find blogs of desperate people who need help, please help them as much as you can. Send them a message to show them that they are not alone and generally do whatever you can… And pray a lot…

So if you have a problem and you want someone to talk to, you are not alone. You have God -our Saviour, Virgin Mary- Jesus’ Holy Mother and all the Saints in who you can pray in order to help you…


Everyone who’ll read this post, even if you live far away, when you see this post please pray to Jesus Christ for all the teens who want to suicide. Pray with all your heart. If we pray all together, God will listen to us. All of you pray with these words: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on all the people who suffer emotionally and thinking to end their lives. Let’s pray together..

"The world is against you"

When faced with people saying to him, “The world is against you, Athanasius!” St. Athanasius replied, ” Then I am against the world.

-St. Athanasius

Mother Gavrilia: Fluent in five languages


Once when I was there where I was, some foreign missionary came and said to me, “You may be a good woman, but you’re not a good Christian.”
 I said, “Why?”
 “Because you have been here so long and you only go about speaking English. What local languages have you learned?”
 I said to him, “I haven’t managed to learn any of the local languages, because I travel a great deal from place to place. As soon as I learn one dialect, they start speaking another. I’ve only learned ‘Good morning’ and ‘Good evening.’ Nothing else.”
 “Bah, you’re no Christian. How can you evangelize? All the Catholics and Protestants learn all the local dialects in order to …”
Then I said, “Lord, give me an answer for him.” I asked it with all my heart, and then I said, “Ah. I forgot to tell you. I know five languages.”
“Really? What are these five?”
“The first is the smile; the second is tears. The third is to touch. The fourth is prayer, and the fifth is love. With these five languages I go all around the world.”
Then he stopped and said, “Just a minute. Say that again so I can write it down.”
With these five languages you can travel the whole earth, and all the world is yours. Love everyone as your own — without concern for religion or race, without concern for anything.

Selected prophecies of St. Ephraim the Syrian on the Last Days

(words in quotes are from St. Ephraim, other words are from the author to give context)

St. Ephraim says: “At the time when the serpent [the Antichrist] shall come, there will be no calm on the earth; there will be great affliction, consternation, disorder, death and famine unto all the ends of the earth.”

"He will come as one humble, meek, a hater (as he will say of himself) of unrighteousness, despising idols, giving preference to piety, good, a lover of the poor, beautiful to an extreme degree, constant, gracious to all… He will not accept bribes, speak with anger, show a gloomy countenance, but with a decorous exterior he will take to deceiving the world, until he has become king"

"When the many classes and the people see such virtues and power, suddenly all will conceive the same thought, and with great joy will proclaim him king, saying among themselves: ‘Can another man so good and righteous be found?’"

"[Christ] will not leave the human race without His preaching, in order that all will be without answer at the Judgment"

[The Antichrist] will show partiality towards Christians, “promising them every sort of protection in return for their acknowledgment of his leadership.”

"Those not comprehending Christianity will see in him a representative and champion of the true religion and will join with him" Those who remain faithful to Christ will incite his wrath "and then this serpent will become proud in his heart and vomit forth his bitterness" Such will be the tribulation of that time that "all men will call blessed the dead and those already buried before this great sorrow came upon the earth".

Then the faithful remnant of Christians “will flee into the wilderness and mountains and caves—praying day and night in great humility.., that they may be delivered from the serpent,.. And this will be granted them from the holy God”.

"For by permission of the Holy God, [Antichrist] will receive the power to deceive the world, because impiety will have filled the earth, and everywhere every sort of horror will be committed"

"A courageous soul will be required, that will be able to keep its life in the midst of these temptations, For if a man is proved to be even a little careless, he will easily be exposed to assault and will be captured by the signs of the evil and cunning beast"

(excerpted from: http://www.roca.org/OA/51/51g.htm )

Loving Relationship with the World - Elder Paisios

(in this photo you can see a little bird in Elder’s hand)

…A few days after Pascha I decided to take an afternoon walk in the forest outside of Florina… It was a joy to be with the animals, the birds, the trees, and even the smallest blade of grass bursting with life…. I cheerfully spoke to them and they listened to me.  I tenderly caressed them and understood their intentions and the movements of their inner beings.  I loved them all.  This extraordinarily beautiful, peaceful, and loving relationship between man and the world must have characterized the genuine life of Paradise.  ”The elder must be in such a state every day,” I thought.

Indeed once he [Elder Paisios] said,

"When I was in Stomio at the little monastery near Konitsa, there were two large bears who would come to the place where I would dispose of the garbage.  The poor things were hungry, so I would go and give them some bread.  The animals can recognize your disposition when you approach them, if you intend to kill them or if you approach them with genuine love."

At this point, the elder opened up his hand and called to a red robin that was resting in the branches of a tree, and the little bird came and happily perched on the elder’s finger.

"The animals enjoy being with man and look at him as their king. In Paradise, Adam called the animals one by one and gave them each a name according to its kind. Animals recognized man’s superiority and were happy in his presence.  After the fall, however, this relationship was destroyed.  Man looked at the beasts with the intention of killing them, and the animals became wild. Nevertheless, the wild animals are still more sincere than man is.  If you approach them with love, they return to that pristine state.  Man has ruined the animals.  Even the dog that lives continually by man’s side has changed, acquiring a police mentality and distrustful character.  I used to feed a little kitten around here that would come and rub itself up against my leg and purr.  Although it was very tame, when one day, I tossed a piece of bread to it, the animal pulled back in fear.  What had happened to it?  Someone had thrown stones at it and ruined the animal’s attitude towards people.  So you see, this evil state of affairs begins with man."

From The Grus, The Young Man, and the Elder Paisios, by Dionysios Farasiotis pp 251-252

The Future of this World - Orthodox prophecies